About Me

Hi, I’m Lilavati. I learned The Ishayas’ Ascension meditation in 2002 and my life’s experience shifted pretty fast from ordinary to wonderful, becoming more adventurous with a sudden and growing desire to serve others.  In 2004 I attended a 6 month meditation retreat in Canada and qualified as a teacher.

My journey teaching this method has taken me to different countries from Canada, to Mexico (where I am from), the USA, and Europe.  I am currently living in Scotland, along with my husband, Mahadeva (a Meditation teacher as well), and our daughter, Iona.

I have had the joy to witness how life can blossom easily and effortlessly when we learn how to get out of our own way.

One of the biggest gifts I have seen in my own life, and in others’, is that we all have the ability to access an experience of inner peace and contentment through choice, regardless of the situation we are in. This knowingness has led me to create Meditation for Mums to help other women find their own centeredness and balance.

I think that the happier we are our little ones will get a good dose of it too. They sense when we are angry, worried or tense, and when is a good time or not to approach mum.

In my experience the more I learn to relax, the more my experience as a mum reveals itself naturally and easily, leaving less room to take my role too seriously.

I know that meditating helps me be a better mum, but also helps me discover who I am in all of the other areas in my life. It’s an amazing adventure. And you can join in too!

A couple of teachers have produced this documentary, it’s been filmed around the globe with folk from all walks of life. We all share a common desire regardless of our background, and that desire is PEACE. This documentary shows that, if peace it’s possible for an individual and groups, it could also be possible for humanity, couldn’t it?  The release of the film will be late this year 😉

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