Meditation For The Family


My husband and I met 10 years ago during a Yoga retreat in Canada. This is our daughter, Iona. She’s now nearly 7 years old.

Having to adapt my day-to-day around the baby routine was hard, no matter all those years I had meditated for, nothing prepares you to be a mum. When I resisted this new routine, like sitting in a chair to feed my baby before she’d finally close her eyes, or leaving the door of the toilet open in case she’d be screaming, securing all corners and sweeping my kitchen floor endless times; -these only to name a few; if there was resistance to any of these tasks, suffering would easily have the door open to cry and complain but mostly it would trigger a feeling of not being good enough.

I am not sounding inspirational at all, am I? Well, as I said nothing really prepares you for this re-wiring, and what I mean by this is that endless inner changes occur, for example your emotions, your views, the way you perceive the world, etc.  No wonder why the phrase of being a mum is the best job in the world but it is also the hardest.

Back in that time there was no family on my side that I could count on; which made it more challenging.  In regards to my baby’s health I had to learn to communicate her needs, my needs and ask for help to “strangers” and trust.

You see, Meditation, and in my experience The Ascension Meditation is not only to help you experience more peace and be calmer, it helps you to see, to see what? Those hidden and destructive habits we carry unconsciously, many of which we learn since we were kids.  We see our mother behaving in a certain way, we see our dad speaking a certain way, our family members, our brothers all of them are constantly teaching us but we are unaware of all these “recordings” as I would call them.

None of these recording makes you a good or a bad person EVER – the thing is that they were passed on to us.  Like the game “tick”, you know it? and now is your turn to “tick” someone, like your little one for example, your family, your surroundings… and the cycle continues.

What I share in my classes is only my experience of Ascension in my life, as a mum, as an experienced teacher of these techniques and a good disposition to do my bit to help other women.

This type of meditation, -Ascension, is friendly to kids, the techniques are so simple they can learn! Highly recommendable that you learn them first though, so you support them with their practice.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more, I would really hope to get to meet you one day!


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