These are some testimonials from mothers who have learned and use the meditation techniques we teach. I hope you find them inspiring…

Ascending was the calm in the storm for me as a new mum, and also a great way to relax and get in touch with my ever-changing body during pregnancy, it was a tonic to my swollen body and anxious brain.

In early labour it kept me present and calm. Since becoming a mummy Ascension has become even more vital, it is such an overwhelming experience! I meditated during his crying fits, my panic fits, his midnight and through-the-night feeds, and while lying in bed wide awake with insomnia I reassured myself that Ascension was as good rest as sleep.

There is no other time in my life when it has felt so important to be in the present, and absolutely awake to his needs as well as my needs, which are so easy to overlook. On days when you don’t have time to brush your teeth or sit down to eat, it was always possible to use Ascension eyes open and if I did find a moment to close my eyes and introduce an attitude, it was instantly reassuring, a wonderful dose of perspective and calm.

The simplicity of these techniques make meditation very accessible during such an intense time, I really can’t recommend it enough.

Lots of love xxxxx
Kate Rawson, London, UK

I learned to ascend 10 years ago, when my sons were 11 and 13 years old. At the time I thought I was learning to meditate as a means to discover more peace for me, but it became evident how important it was for my family too.  Giving myself the space to practice, enabled me to be more present, to listen more fully, to be clearer and stronger when they were challenging and ultimately, to love them more unconditionally.

Learning Ascension was the greatest gift, it kept me stable in their times of change and the many experiences that comes with that i.e. drug taking, broken hearts, anger and frustration at the world and their parents and the gap that is left when they leave home.  Prioritizing my peace has produced two very clear, confident outgoing young men.

Sue Roberts, Ilkley, Yorkshire

Ascension for me is the best tool to stay connected with the Now.  It enables me to be authentic and self-confident, it has improved my relationships, mostly with myself.

No matter what challenges I meet on my way, there is never a “right” or “wrong”, but there is a choice I can make where I want to put my attention: on problems or on solutions, on the chaos of my mind or on the inner silence.

Ascension for me is like a reset button that I can press to come back, when I feel lost; to recharge me when I feel empty; to fill myself up with joy and love when I am doing not too good; it helps me to come back home. It makes all the difference to live this adventure called “my life” fully instead of just getting along.

Verena Hayn, Munich, Germany

The biggest gift that I have given myself is this meditation. It has filled up every space that I felt was empty. I am the mother of 2 wonderful boys, and having these tools means I can be present, I can realise that nothing has ever been wrong; I can be less caught up in thoughts of the past or worries about the future.  Simply to know that the greatness and wonder of living is Right Now.      

Mary Clay, London

I learned to ascend when my youngest son went to school,  what a brilliant decision! I would have loved to have this when I was a new mother.  Simple but powerful techniques to stay calm and centred.

As much as I loved motherhood and my children, I felt so unprepared! and would worry about everything; Ascension has helped me to stop worrying too much, I feel so much more relaxed, and able to let go of the control out of fear of the unknown, I feel more in the present moment and capable of enjoying more of the beauty and love around me.

Friends also noticed how much less stressed I was. I noticed the more I practiced Ascension, the more calm my young family became, as if they were reflecting me back.  Things seems to go smoother. I find it easier to be aware of my unhelpful mental habits, and negative thoughts – and instead use an Ascension Attitude to help push the ‘reset’ button.

It is the easiest way to experience that peace I was looking for out there, rather than ‘in here’. It even helped me through losing my mother, when my world turned upside down and it was a lifeline in an ocean of grief.

Even after 7 years of practice, I am reminded to keep it simple and ask for help to the teachers, who are so willing to support me.  Ascension is so simple and effective. I wouldn’t be without it for the world.

Jenny Cattermole, Peebles, Scotland

Ascension has allowed me to see where I was creating undue stress with my daughter. I used to react to her actions and words and it was exhausting! I live from a more solidly peaceful place now, thanks to Ascension and this has given me distance from that old habit.

What I mean is, I am available to her now in a way that leaves my own childhood out of the mix. I recognize where I was being co-dependent with my daughter to try to fix my relationship with my mother. I am now able to be very present with her and to listen from a much deeper place within me – the authentic me. This authentic me isn’t trying to fix anything or trying to control anything – I feel more rested and alert.

Living from this place allows me to be more firm, less reactive, and to laugh a whole lot more. I’ve also found myself more willing to ask for help and get insight from other mums. Ascension has given me a much more enjoyable, less stressful, and more freeing relationship with my wee girl.         

Amanda Campbell, Michigan, USA

I have tried various types of meditation over the years and 2 1/2 years ago I did the Ascension course. I started to feel the benefits almost immediately and 2 1/2 years on it remains an important and valuable part of my life. My experience of life has changed in so many ways I could write so much, but I will try to keep it brief!

I am a mum of 2 and when I learned to mediate my children were aged 2 1/2 and 6. Life was very very busy! I was running my own business, being a mum, a wife and felt pretty overwhelmed with the demands of family life. I was not getting the work/life balance right and had lost all sense of myself.

The benefits have been huge! I feel much more peaceful in my life and rather than “coping with life” I am living life! My energy levels and emotions are much more on a level rather than the peaks and troughs I used to experience. My health is good, I can’t remember the last time I had a cold. My relationships with my nearest and dearest have improved and I am present and patient with my children, constantly amazed at the miracle of these little beings I share my life with.

My children also experience the benefits of having a mum who is calmer and more present with them and now a dad who has also gone on to learn to meditate too. I also feel a deep connection with the world around me and a greater sense of purpose and clarity. I am more confident and much less fearful about life which means even though I don’t know what’s next or around the corner I feel excited about it.

These are all words and I hope they might resonate with you. I would invite you to try meditation because the experience is so much more than I could ever convey with words.

Suzi Gibson, Peebles, Scotland

Ascension has given me peace, but more than anything ACCEPTANCE of myself and others. I am enjoying things as they are and feeling so grateful for what I have, enjoying things that I didn’t even notice before; the world is indeed a lovely place!

I am more aware of my old habits, and I just acknowledge them, then move on, how refreshing!

I have noticed I am more present with my children – and when I go to the past I introduce a few Ascension Attitudes and get present  like magic, laughing with them again! It is really great when they pause for a moment and come to hug me and say how much they love me!

Ana Ivanovic, Aberdeen, Scotland

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