Class Dates

The techniques are usually taught over the course of a weekend.  Beginning on a Friday from 7-9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm if this format works for you and you wish to learn soon, I recommend you  to check website where you will find more regular classes.

However, usually us mums find it difficult to attend a class for the whole weekend, in such a case there are also tailored classes where we get together 4 mornings or 4 afternoons for a couple of hours each day -depending on the number of people attending-   If you find this option attractive get in touch using the form below, wherever you are, we can arrange the time.

I am based in West Lothian, Linlithgow, I can offer you an informal chat so you can explore and ask questions about meditation and how it can help you; there are various, simple exercises that we can play with together so you get an experience of how would it be like living in the Now.

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